As a nonprofit organization, you face financial challenges that for-profit companies do not. Your funds may be restricted, you may be required to fund projects through donations, and all major purchases have to be approved by the board. While other IT providers might say, “You need a new server, call us when you have the money,” at Monroy IT Services, we look for creative solutions to solve the problem. Whether that means assisting with long-term IT planning and budgeting or acquiring grants and donations, we never abandon our clients.


Monroy IT Service's Managed IT Services allows nonprofits to budget for their IT expenses for the entire fiscal year. For a low monthly fee, all of your IT services will be covered, and all within your budget.


Monroy IT Service’s business planning includes infrastructure and budgeting services. We can redesign a non-profit’s IT infrastructure and network to increase efficiency and reduce costs. We work with your organization’s budgeting needs, and we can design our recommendations to be implemented in phases, specifying which services and pieces of equipment necessitate immediate deployment and which can wait. If that doesn’t work, we will research sources of funding to assist our clients with purchases.


Our CEO can help guide you and your non-profit organization in the right direction. After deciding to apply for a grant, we manage the application components that require IT expertise, such as outlining infrastructure specifications. We often secure discounts from vendors for qualifying nonprofits, and our close relationships with industry leading vendors means that we can even receive equipment, applications and subscriptions for free!

Monroy IT Services Might Not Be The Cheapest Option But You Are Definitely Getting Your Money's Worth

George is extremely knowledgeable in his field and ALWAYS responds immediately to our needs. He goes above and beyond his expected duties to get the job done. His services might not be the absolute cheapest option, but with Monroy ITS you are definitely getting your money's worth and more. These are the intangibles that you won't find with just any company.

We had been operating without a working backup system. As the organization continued to grow, we began to see an increasing risk of losing important data. It became necessary to have Monroy ITS monitor our backups and network. At first we were hesitant to spend the money on these services but after a few "scares" with our server freezing up, we realized it was a sound investment. George understands our business and recommends the appropriate technologies to protect our business.

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Monroy Industries, Inc.
5 / 5 stars

Monroy IT Services Is Willing To Do Whatever It Takes

The biggest benefits we have experienced by partnering with Monroy IT Services have been great customer service, attention to detail and quick response times. Monroy IT Services is very attentive and available to us any time we need them. I highly recommend George Monroy and Monroy IT Services because they are honest, provide exquisite customer service, and are willing to do whatever it takes to resolve issues quickly.

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Monroy Industries, Inc.
5 / 5 stars