SMB-cybersecurityOften times businesses may decide to engage an IT Managed Services Provider due to a lack of in house resources, skills or time. When selecting an IT partner it's important that the business and service provider truly view the relationship as a partnership. This needs to be a collaborative effort in order to ensure that a proactive model is put into place that will best suit the security needs of your business.

Of great importance is that the business and IT provider understand the scope of work and the requirements for the managed services deliverables. In this scope it is important to note what assets are being monitored or managed. This also needs to include clear definitions of events that will be monitored and acted upon, defined escalation paths, and the provider offers support 24/7/365.

IT Security isn't a 9-5 job and most businesses outsource their network security in order to ensure around-the-clock monitoring and management of their environments.