Many business owners don’t think they need to take cybersecurity seriously. Nobody ever thinks they are going to be attacked. The “why would they bother with little ol’ me” mentality is prevalent. If business owners don’t have a plan today, for their business, then there most likely will not be a tomorrow. The state of Texas reported $71.5 million in losses due to internet crimes in 2016. Sometimes the financial losses are too much to bear. Malwarebytes released a report which shows that 22% of small businesses that were hit with ransomware attacks had to close their doors.

The reason for these mind-boggling numbers are due to several factors that are common to small businesses but the main one is a lack of expertise. Fending off a ransomware attack requires many different skill sets which business owners will never find in an employee working for a small business. To fight ransomware you need experts. Small businesses simply cannot afford to have a team of experts as employees.

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