Monroy IT Services Shows San Antonio Masonry What a True Partnership Can Do

With two locations, San Antonio Masonry and Tool Supply (SA Masonry) serves as a one-stop shop for the building supply industry. The company prides itself on quality and service in everything it does, including timely order processing for its customers. As business continually grew, however, the company was finding that consistently delivering that quality and service was proving to be a problem.


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SA Masonry was hampered by its aging IT infrastructure and inconsistent setup. Powered by eight-year-old servers, transactions and order processing were slow. The accounting system would crash every couple of weeks, and the servers had to be rebooted multiple times a day. Customers were left waiting — and frustrated.

the challenges quoteIn addition, the SA Masonry headquarters had all its applications installed on employees’ local desktops, slowing down their computers. Meanwhile, the remote office connected to a terminal service. The reach of the company’s wireless devices was limited, not even reaching where the mechanic shop was located. The mechanics had to come into the office to connect, causing lost productivity.

SA Masonry hired a third-party IT services company to help, but that wasn’t working out. SA Masonry was hit with ransomware several times and found itself having to notify its IT company rather than that company alerting them. Either they weren’t monitoring SA Masonry’s systems as they said they were or what they were doing just wasn’t effective.

The third-party company also didn’t offer 24/7 support, and communication was poor. The company never informed SA Masonry that they were maxing out their servers, which was causing their frequent slowdowns and need to reboot servers. With the IT company billing on an hourly basis, expenditures were also unpredictable.

It was time for a change. SA Masonry needed a true partner to help it optimize its IT services.


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A Google search for a new IT services company led SA Masonry to San Antonio-based Monroy IT Services. More than just an IT services supplier, Monroy helps companies increase their productivity and profitability by making IT a streamlined part of their operations. The company provides customized, proactive IT solutions backed by 24/7 onsite and US-based remote support and at a predictable monthly rate.

the solution quoteThe first thing Monroy did was implement various fixes to enhance SA Masonry’s existing IT environment, eliminating some of the issues affecting its ability to deliver excellent customer service. That included continuous monitoring of the company’s servers. When the Monroy team would see the servers nearing capacity, they would inform SA Masonry, so they could restart the servers before any business disrupting crashes occurred. As one of the SA Masonry representatives stated, “Issues were handled before we even knew there were issues.”

Other enhancements included the installation of several wireless points so wireless devices could be connected throughout the facilities. Monroy was able to provide flexibility for submitting support ticket — online, by email or by phone. They were also able to a set monthly service fee per computer, making it easier for SA Masonry to budget for IT expenses with no surprises at the end of the month.

The Monroy team also quickly identified that SA Masonry had outgrown its servers and made recommendations to solve the multiple problems the company was experiencing. Among them, moving to cloud-based servers that would provide scalability, speed, and greater reliability without capital expenditures.

Moving to the cloud would also allow SA Masonry to operate a more unified IT environment, including moving everyone to a remote desktop system. That alone would make both support and training easier.


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SA Masonry’s IT systems are now running smoothly. With cloud services in place, the company is no longer dealing with its accounting system crashing every couple of weeks. It also doesn’t have to worry the benefits quoteabout replacing physical servers or paying someone to maintain them. Without physical servers onsite, the company also has freed up physical space in its facilities.

Monroy consistently delivers quick support when it’s needed, further reducing potential downtime or issues that could diminish SA Masonry’s ability to meet its customers’ needs.

An SA Masonry representative notes, “George Monroy, the president and CEO at Monroy is great to work with. He understands our IT needs and takes the time to explain things in a way that we understand. He truly cares about customer service. He keeps us up to date on what’s going on and meets with us on a quarterly basis to go over our IT needs.”

While the quantitative business results from working with Monroy has exceeded SA Masonry’s expectations, what the company finds most valuable is they now have a valuable partner they can trust to keep them up and running—and help them continue enhancing their delivery of exceptional customer service.

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