What is social engineering and how can you stop it?

Social engineering threat actions have DOUBLED since 2013 according to the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report. Social engineering is the process hackers use to break into systems by relying on human nature rather than just technology. What happens when "John" from Accounting calls into HR because he forgot the door's key code? What about a password reset? All it takes is one mishap and a hacker is in.

When you call for support does your IT support team verify who you are before providing support? Most do not have any way of verifying who they are actually talking to. Today it is really easy for a hacker to call IT support and say you are the CFO and get a password reset done. Once the hacker has access to the company's internal systems they will be able to do and take whatever they want. I have called several IT companies in the San Antonio area after we have taken over client accounts from them. I usually do this because we have not received all of the necessary information and passwords to complete the transition from them to us. When I call support I ask for passwords and without any verification they give me everything that I ask for. I could be anybody randomly calling in and asking for this information. They clearly do not have their client's security in mind at all.

At Monroy IT Services we take client security seriously. We have a procedure and system in place that allows us to verify every single caller that calls our support team. It is part of our onboarding process to enter every employee from our clients into our caller verification system. This is to ensure that social engineering through our support service is prevented. If you want to stop social engineering and protect your business critical systems then give us a call.

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