24/7 Support 24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Monroy IT Services partners with your company to secure your revenue and keep your business running. Never go without IT service again, because our 100% US based support is here for you 24/7.

Predictable Cost Predictable Cost

Predictable Cost

Our specific service model is one of the best business decisions you'll make. Always get excellent service and timely solutions. All labor is covered and stays predictable with a simple flat-rate monthly plan.

Built Around You Built Around You

Built Around You

We customize innovative, effective solutions to help your business run smoothly, whether or not you have an internal IT staff. Our IT management is built on efficiency, and offers both on-site and remote support.

Aligned Success Aligned Success

Aligned Success

Our technical experts provide the support you need to keep your network up and running so your staff stays productive. Monroy IT Services' proactive IT solutions solve problems before they affect your business.

Why Choose Monroy IT Services?

Looking for a quality IT company near you? We provide IT support throughout the greater San Antonio and Hill Country areas. Our team of experts provides reliable on-site support. We’re there when you need us, ensuring seamless productivity within your systems and providing the level of attention your business deserves. We value long-term relationships with our clients and will work closely with your business to ensure that you have all the technology resources for software and hardware that you need to be successful.

You Want To GROW

You want an IT company with experience helping fast-growing and multi-location companies increase efficiencies, streamline processes and stop worrying about their technology – and ultimately GROW their businesses.

You Want Proactive Support

You want your infrastructure monitored so that we know when something needs to be fixed – BEFORE you even know about it. Then we take the steps to design and present solutions so you can run your business worry-free.

You Want Enterprise-Class Experience

Owners have 29 years of combined experience in enterprise IT Environments. Our IT company enjoys applying those principles to our customer’s businesses so that they can compete with larger companies.

You Want To Improve Your Processes

Our unique business systems analysis expertise allows us to show you what business and technology processes are holding you back. We want to help you grow by removing your technology challenges.

You Want To Talk To A Real Person Every Time You Call

We answer your call for IT support live, so you can talk to a real person and get your issue resolved quicker.

You Want Help Whenever You Need It - 24/7/365

Our Texas-based IT support desk is available when you are working no matter what time of day that is. You will have a phone number to call IT support anytime you need it. We are there for you any time and always. And we have a 96% customer service satisfaction rating!

You Want Predictable Costs

You’ll never be surprised by costs from our IT company. We offer an all-inclusive proactive, reliable and affordable support plan. Many companies bill IT support through prepaid blocks or time and material invoices – meaning the more problems a client has, the more the client pays. At Monroy IT Services, we do things differently. Our fixed-fee support plan enables you to manage IT costs and avoid unpredictable IT spending.


Our IT company consists of Project Managers, System Analysts, Qualified Network Analysts, Network Administrators, Web Developers and Desktop Support Technicians. Clients receive years of collective knowledge in innovative IT support. Our team maintains the highest levels of technology and security certifications, so you can be confident when entrusting your organization’s IT environment to us.

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  • George Monroy
    George Monroy
    President & CEO
  • Emily Monroy
    Emily Monroy
    VP & CFO
  • Nathan B.
    Nathan B.
    Core Services Manager
  • Eric L. H.
    Eric L. H.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Tate W.
    Tate W.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Landen H.
    Landen H.
    Support Desk Team Lead
  • Michael C.
    Michael C.
  • Misty K.
    Misty K.
    Sales Development Representative
  • Ross O.
    Ross O.
    Art Director
  • Cody P.
    Cody P.
    NOC Technician
  • Matt M.
    Matt M.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Trent S.
    Trent S.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Vinat K.
    Vinat K.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Ashley S.
    Ashley S.
  • Clare D.
    Clare D.
    Account Manager
  • Matt H.
    Matt H.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Brenden C.
    Brenden C.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Aaron C.
    Aaron C.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Courtney F.
    Courtney F.
    Graphic Designer
  • Michael M.
    Michael M.
    Senior Tier 1 Support Desk Technician
  • Alexis W.
    Alexis W.
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Robert R.
    Robert R.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Garrett P.
    Garrett P.
    Technical Trainer
  • Michael W.
    Michael W.
    NOC Manager
  • Lee M.
    Lee M.
    Business Development Rep.
  • Derick T.
    Derick T.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Witt O.
    Witt O.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jose M.
    Jose M.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Elizabeth K.
    Elizabeth K.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jeffery H.
    Jeffery H.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Aaron P.
    Aaron P.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jimmy B.
    Jimmy B.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Stephanie G.
    Stephanie G.
  • Enock S.
    Enock S.
    Sr. Tier 1
  • Eric B.
    Eric B.
    Tier 2
  • Matthew L.
    Matthew L.
    Live Call Team Lead
  • Barry G.
    Barry G.
    Sr. Tier 1
  • James J.
    James J.
    Tier 1 Support Desk
  • Hunter B.
    Hunter B.
    Senior Tier 1 Support Desk
  • Derek A.
    Derek A.
    Sr. Tier 1
  • Andrew S.
    Andrew S.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Brandon S.
    Brandon S.
    Member Success Manager
  • Corey S.
    Corey S.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Gerard I.
    Gerard I.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Ryan D.
    Ryan D.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Ben M.
    Ben M.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Steve J.
    Steve J.
    Account Manager
  • Angel J.
    Angel J.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Brandon F.
    Brandon F.
    Sales Development Representative
  • Pat Q.
    Pat Q.
    Content Writer
  • Patricia M.
    Patricia M.
  • Clint M.
    Clint M.
    Sales Development Representative
  • Jon M.
    Jon M.
    IT Support Desk Technician
  • Allen D.
    Allen D.
    Core Services Technician
  • Devin T.
    Devin T.
    Sales Development Representative
  • Mason C.
    Mason C.
    IT Support Desk Technician
  • Sam S.
    Sam S.
    IT Support Desk Technician
  • Kenneth D.
    Kenneth D.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Zane V.
    Zane V.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Isaiah Jelks
    Isaiah Jelks
    Sales Development Representative
  • August M.
    August M.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Philip C.
    Philip C.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • David D.
    David D.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Larry J.
    Larry J.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Tommy N.
    Tommy N.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Lisa K.
    Lisa K.
    Channel Relationship Technician
  • Aliyah M.
    Aliyah M.
    Sales Development Representative
  • Rob G.
    Rob G.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Javdat A.
    Javdat A.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Ben B.
    Ben B.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Gaston M.
    Gaston M.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Andrew R.
    Andrew R.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Zachary W.
    Zachary W.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Scott S.
    Scott S.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Robert S.
    Robert S.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Kevin L.
    Kevin L.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Lwivany F.
    Lwivany F.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Chilton G.
    Chilton G.
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Monk D.
    Monk D.
    Technical Services Engineer