Expertise: Client Relations, Operations and Sales
Hometown: Chicago, IL
First Job: Media Play
Education and training: ITT Technical - AAS in Electronics Engineering
Number of computers at home: 5
Hobbies: Road Cycling and Video Games
Fuel: Emily Monroy’s Pecan Pie
Favorite thing about this company: The challenges that I get to overcome!
Recharging Zone: The back porch
Apps I can't live without: Plex, Podcasts, MapMyRide
Tech Tip: If it's broken, call Monroy ITS.

George Monroy was born in Illinois and his family moved to Houston, TX when he was 6 years old. He graduated from Alief Elsik High School in 1993. After graduation he attended ITT where he received an AAS in Electronics Engineering. He then went on to work for Compaq Computer Corporation in 1996.

After working at Compaq for a year George got bored with the work so he started reading books to become Microsoft Certified. This led to transitioning into the IT support field. He would stay at a position with a company only long enough to learn what he wanted and then move on to the next job and company. His last job in the corporate sector in Houston, TX was with a large multinational drilling company.

In 2004, he started his own company in Richmond, TX. The first client was a multinational corporation headquartered in Dallas, TX that provided a wide range of technology products and services used for developing energy and natural resources. Along the way some smaller companies were picked up as clients throughout the Houston, TX area.

In 2009, George moved to the Hill County and married Emily. The Hill Country was a welcome change to the hustle and bustle of Houston.

George and Emily decided to relaunch the business in 2011 in the San Antonio and Hill Country area. He joined the Boerne Chamber of Commerce and began getting to know people in Boerne and in San Antonio, which helped the business get a jump start.

In his business, George combines his knowledge of large enterprise IT infrastructure and best practices with the needs of small business owners to promote the growth of his clients and prevent them from going out of business due to hackers.

George speaks English and Spanish. He enjoys spending time with his wife and pets, traveling the world, cycling and playing